Welcome to Town of Sunnyside

Sunnyside is in eastern Newfoundland, on the Isthmus of Avalon - a scenic strip of land that connects St. John's with the rest of the island.

Sunny days are beautiful here, with silver and gold sparkles on the water and gulls, eagles or osprey overhead. The mood changes as sunshine gives way to fog - but the scenery is no less spectacular. The soft mists of Avalon provide a wonderful backdrop for photographers and people who just want to enjoy the beauty of nature. 
People have lived here for thousands of years, attracted by food and shelter. In 1612, Governor John Guy called it Truce Sound in honour of the first recorded meeting between English and Beothuk. The French called it Boulle Havre and  used the old trail  across the isthmus to travel between Placentia Bay and Trinity Bay during the war of 1696-97. In 1858, the area was shortly and enthusiastically christened Niagara City when it became the landing site for the first transatlantic cable and a new era of communications between Europe and North America. The name Sunnyside has been in use since the early 1900s.
Now, our community is making history as part of the new oil economy. Oil platforms are being built just 3 km away. In 1997, the first oil platform built here - Hibernia - made history because of its strength; it can withstand a collision with a one-million-ton iceberg and a direct hit from a six-million-ton iceberg. 
Learn more about Sunnyside as a place to visit, live or do business. Our doors are always open.
Check out News & Events for what's going on. Targa Motorsports will be in town on September 16. Details posted under News & Events.