Welcome to Town of Sunnyside

A Small Town with a Long History

People have lived here for thousands of years. They were first attracted by food, shelter and one unique feature – a land bridge connecting with another bay on the south side of the island, giving them access to even more resources.

Our rich history includes: the first meeting between English and Beothuk (1612), the first winter house discovered so far (dated around 1670), the imprisonment of English prisoners by the French in 1697, and the first message between continents (Queen Victoria and President Buchanan) in 1858.

Now we're making modern history as a site for building oil platforms. Beginning around the middle of July (2014), you will be able to see the Hebron oil platform take shape in our harbour.

Our most prominent feature is Centre Hill, the highest peak in eastern Newfoundland. There's a hiking trail to the top. The hike takes about half a day. It is mostly moderate, but the last 400 metres are strenuous. Our other hiking trail (Truce Sound Coastal Trail) is short (1.5 km) and relatively easy.

Learn more about Sunnyside as a place to visit, live or do business. Our doors are open.

Population: 500 Location: 1 km from the Trans Canada Highway, about one and one half hours from St. John's and one hour from Terra Nova National Park (Photos:Vikas Khaladkar)